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7 Landscaping Design Tips for Beginners!

Whether you're wanting to add a few new plants or completely update and redesign your yard, landscaping can be overwhelming for beginners...Check out these must-know landscape design tips to help achieve the perfect garden!

1. Determine your landscape needs & wants

First, make a list of what you need and want from your space. Do you want a tranquil escape? A place for the kids to play? Do you want a vegetable garden? Or somewhere to entertain?

Now make a sketch of your layout and placement of things. Keep it simple as your ideas might change as you go.

2. Think about location

Make sure to take into account the sun and weather during different times of the year when creating your landscaping design, and determining the location of each element. For example, place your deck or patio where you won't get too much sun in the evenings so summer dinners outdoors won't be too hot. Place large trees along the edges where the kids may play to create shade when sunny. Taking time to study the sun and weather will help to make your yard a more enjoyable place to spend time.

3. Sit down & enjoy your landscape design

Enjoy your yard and live with it for a while. By spending more time outside, you will begin to figure out which other areas you can utilise, other places you might like to go sit and if the current design isn't working. Coming to a decision to quick may lead to choices you aren't happy with in the long run.

4. From little things big things grow

Start small, as part of creating your landscape design is slowly developing a plan and enjoying the process of bringing your ideas to life. Begin with a flower bed and once finished, move onto the next landscaping project. Don't worry about filling the space and getting everything completed right away - good things take time.

5. Find a focal point

A good garden and landscape designs have a focal point or hero piece to draw your attention and create inspiration from. Some things to consider include using a sculpture, water feature, a stunning plant or tree

6. Focus on design and placement

One of the hardest things for beginners when it comes to landscape design is ensuring your yard has a cohesive look. Take into consideration plant and tree sizes, colours and shape when determining placement. You want the tallest plants against a building or at the back of the flowerbed and colour combinations of plants to complement each other. Find the balance between repetition and new elements. Repetition creates a sense of cohesion but by adding the occasional new element, you avoid turning your yard into a boring space.

7. Be open to change

While you might like your design now, your style and what you like may change. Therefore, your landscaping design needs to change with you. Buy a new element or find inspiration from social media and try something new!

Remember, the key to a good landscape design is to be patient and take time in the process. However, if you feel the bare space is overwhelming or need help bringing your ideas to life, click HERE to contact AAA Landscaping Cairns.


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