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24 Reasons & Benefits Of Mulching Your Garden!

If you're tired of continuously watering and weeding your garden, maybe it's time you think about using mulch!

What is mulch?

Mulch is a material such as decaying leaves, bark or compost, which is spread around plants and over soil to

Cairns Landscaping Garden Property Maintenance Mulch Benefits

act as a protective layer. Mulch provides a huge range of benefits and comes in a variety of organic and nonorganic materials.

Check out our top reasons and benefits why you should start using much in your garden:

1. Adds organic matter to your soil, making your garden healthier and more resistant to pest and diseases - which in the long term save you money on pest control and using pesticides.

2. Mulch provides valuable slow-release nutrients to your plants, while preventing vitamin loss. This means saving money on buying fertilizer.

3. Moisture will be retained in the soil longer as it shields it from the sun, preventing evaporation. Mulch can retain up to 70% more water in the soil than if it no mulch was used.

4. Mulch reduces water run-off during rainy periods and after watering. Therefore, reducing the amount of water needed which saves you even more money!

5. Save time watering! Since your mulch will retain water, you can put that hose away.

6. Just planted seedlings? Mulch acts like an umbrella covering them from getting too much sun.

7. Mulch regulates soil temperature as it acts like an insulator. This will reduce plant stress as roots will stay consistently warm in the winter months and cool in the summer.

8. You'll save time on weeding after you've mulched your garden as it provides a natural barrier against weeds.

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9. Fewer weeds means your plants will remain healthier for longer as there will be no more pesky weeds to steal your plant's nutrients.

10. Mulch provides beneficial micro-organisms and worms with food which means increasing in biological activity.

11. Mulch helps to bind sandy soils and opens up clay meaning you will have improved soil conditions.

12. Save time and energy cultivating the soil when you add mulch to your garden.

13. Mulch stops nutrients from leaching out of your soil.

14. Live in a colder climate? Mulch will protect your plants from frost damage as it acts like a protective blanket.

15. Mulch provides a clean surface for produce like, fruits, vegetables and nuts - ready for harvesting!

16. Mulch improves drainage and structure as it decomposes.

17. Mulch provides support around plants, especially seedlings.

18. Improves fertility and health of your soil.

19. Since mulch is mostly made from organic materials, recycle your grass clippings and fallen leaves.

20. Mulch will protect your plants from mud splash when you water or during the rain.

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21. Mulching your garden will prevent erosion and soil compaction, especially from high foot traffic areas such as footpaths, pathways and play areas.

22. Mulch will improve the visual appearance of your garden.

23. Not all insects are pests - Mulch can provide a home for plant-friendly insects!

24. Mulch isn't just limited to garden beds. Add mulch to your potted plants too!

So no matter where you live or if you have garden beds or potted plants, mulch is just what you need for beautiful and healthy garden. Get ready to watch it bloom!


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